12% more time on page and increased revenues with a single change

In under two months we created the number 2 Austrian job board for people in search of they first employment. Then we kept improving it observing users behaviour.

Project results: 12% average improvement in session duration, increased revenues, and faster homepage.

Some companies are afraid of UX because they are under the impression that with its focus on users it doesn’t care about business. That’s a dangerous misunderstanding. Yes, UX focuses on user needs, but it tries to match it with business needs in order to increase conversions. A small project I made for Lehrling.at is a good example. With a single change that was based on user’s observation, we also provided their sales force with a new selling weapon. It was also a technical improvement since the same change allowed us to remove some script from the homepage and make it a little bit faster.

The hypothesis: video content will help us engage our visitors longer

As soon as we launched the website we started analyzing users clicks with Crazyegg. Click tracking confirmed the validity for the first design: the search box in the hero section was by far the most clicked area, as intended. Right below, the video slider also had a considerable number of clicks. That could be simply because of its position, but usability test and in-depth interviews conducted in Austrian schools with the target group showed a great interest in video content. Those two data sources – click tracking and qualitative data – gave us the idea of iterating on the concept of video content by companies.

The click tracking for the first version of Lehrling.at showed a considerable number of clicks on video

The proposal: a whole new section based on video content

Once we had our data informed hypothesis, we dedicated two weeks to creating a new video section, beginning with hand sketches and then gradually moving to wireframes, interactive prototypes, visual design, and finally implementation.

The second iteration of the homepage with the actions leading to the new video section

We removed the slider from the homepage because even if our users were interested in the videos themselves, only a few went on to see the latest slides. So we replaced the slider with only three thumbnails that lead directly to video pages in a completely new video section, where instead of a slider we used a thubmnail grid, making several thumbnails available at once.

The new Lehrling.at video section

The results of this change were astounding: users spent an average of 12% more time on Lehrling.at than they did before we had the video section. Videos are provided by companies offering job opening, and each video is linked to its company profile, the number of visits on company profiles improved too. That means that Lehrling.at sales force not only can now sell new video slots to companies, but they also have stronger numbers to support their selling proposals.