Marcello Vicidomini

UX Lead

🧠 Interested in bridging the gap between business, design and development. Leading design teams and spreading design culture in companies that want to improve their business results through User Centered Design, User Experience Design and Design Strategy.

❤ī¸ Passionate about every step of strategy and product design, from generative and evaluative user research to idea generation and evaluation, prototyping, visual design, split testing and data analysis.

🤩 I have a weakness for B2B products, which have been my area of work for the past three years in UEFA.

🚀 Defining efficient, time saving design processes.​ Product Owner of design systems.

🤝 Servant leader and facilitator.


I believe in mutual respect, equality and brotherhood among all people, and I want to promote these values both through my daily behaviour and our work. I am interested in projects of high social value, and I make special discounts for them. If you are an ONG, an institution with strong ethics, or if you think you have an idea that can save the world , I will work with all my skills (and love) on your website.

đŸģI like clients and partners that can be my friends, and I only work on things that will make me proud. For this reasons, I won't accept job offers from subjects who promote discrimination (of sex, race, religion, sexual preferences) or the use of violence. Apart from that, I'm a really laid back guy.